• Who is the “Modern Day Secular Saint”?

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    Modern days with current challenges call for fresh ways to recognize those who have made our road easier. Think of the computer whiz who is willing to take a few minutes to find your elusive password or explain how track changes work with ease. There is the helpful person on the phone who knows their system and is happy to guide you through the quagmire of a telephone tree or explaining complex medical navigation.


    We run into these distinctive individuals every day in our travels and now have a unique, inexpensive way of saying “thank you” with My Secular Saint.


    Many will say they are “just doing the job” expecting little reward when day in and day out they are a blessing to those they contact. There is the mailman who trudges steep stairs or returns later at the end of his route to bring you a package. He’d be a perfect person for the Hall of Cities as one of the many working individuals that make keep a city efficient.


    The Service People in our lives are those who “Just do the job.” There is the dry cleaning person who runs your bedspread through three times to get that persistent stain out. She is a great candidate for the Hall of History as the person who never gave up over the ages on your bedspread. She will go down in history for her dedication to eviscerating that stain.


    There’s always the upbeat expert at the computer store who looks at your impossibility as something he can fix. When our computers don’t do what’s expected or they take on a mind of their own, It’s a bit like getting lost in the woods where one doesn’t have a clue of where to go next. That computer expert would be a welcome addition to the Hall of Woods in that he’s led so many who are hopelessly lost in computer weeds from the tangled mess to the sunlight.


    There’s the reliable carpool driver who has the unfaltering ability to show up on time and drive in a reasonable way to your destination. (There’s a lot to be said for drivers who are courteous in their driving habits.) Here’s a way for those fellow travelers to say, “thank you”. Car Pool drivers are great candidates for the Hall of Cities as they again contribute to making a city run smoothly. It would be a special treat to award sainthood to that driver with a special notification they might put in their car as a reminder of their destination for sainthood. It’s recognition for their decent and thoughtful driving.


    Think of the person who loves to cook and shares their foods with others. There’s nothing better than a good soup, and they know how to produce the tastiest. One way to say thank you is with a certificate of Sainthood. Perhaps in the Hall of Sport as they follow sports while cooking away.


    There may be a generous teacher who gives so freely of their time, yet gets little recognition. Anyone who can explain statistics, standard deviations or the concept of economies of scale in a coherent way is surely destined for the Hall of Quill or the Hall of History. These are unique skills so very valuable to those still learning.


    Our world is full of individuals who qualify for Sainthood and having this unique gift of Sainthood awakens us to recognize those exceptional individuals in their lives. Now there is a way to honor them through notification in the Halls of Sainthood and certification for their good deeds.

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