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    How to Promote a Saint

    • Apply Online – Fill out the free application below so we can learn about your loved one and the “miracles” he or she has performed that deserve celebration and recognition in the Hall of Saints
    • Tell Us More – Once this initial application is received and accepted, you will pay a one-time $15 canonization fee and provide us with a short bio of the new saint and picture to be displayed on our website
    • Pick Your Hall – Next, designate which Hall your saint will be commemorated and choose the name by which your saint will be recognized
    • Give Your Gift – The final step is the most important: Surprise your loved one with their Certificate of Sainthood and enjoy the look of surprise and gratitude on their face
        Note: We prefer not to have duplicates, so we ask that you be descriptive and choose a unique name for your saint. One way to distinguish your saint is by adding a location, such as “St. Bree of Bernal Heights.” We’re also happy to help you come up with a unique name after learning more about the person or pet you’re promoting to sainthood and the miracles being celebrated.  

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