• July 4th, 2017

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    9 Reasons for Giving a Gift on the 4th of July


    • Acknowledge neighbors with secular sainthood. It’s a holiday and people complete feats on that day, e.g. organize a neighbor hood BBQ.
    • A friend gets you a ticket to the holiday MLB game. What about modern sainthood for that person?
    • Think of the families who travel to join your family. They are destined for sainthood.
    • A sibling and family drive from a very distant place to be with your family for the holiday. He and other picnickers like him are real life saints.
    • 4th of July is a great day for awarding veterans with heroic secular sainthood
    • Commemorating a special coach or teacher is always appropriate. Even more appropriate is a gift of modern sainthood for them.
    • A way to show your regard for a dedicated and patriotic Scout or Scout leader is honoring such a person as a secular saint.
    • Consider a prize for the winner of a difficult game at your picnic at the park or beach.
    • Honor the person who has to work on the holiday like our fire fighters, police officers, restaurant workers, the barista. All deserve to be a secular saints.

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