My Secular Saint FAQs & Info

    Greeting card companies have come up with ways to acknowledge everyone in your life for everything from climbing the Himalayas to graduating from Kindergarten – but say you want to pay homage to someone in a personal and unique way? My Secular Saint makes it easy to recognize those people or animals in your life who have had a profound impact on the lives of those around them. Our simple and affordable canonization process allows you to give a heartfelt, fun, unique gift that is sure to be remembered and appreciated for decades to come.


    How Does it Work?

    If a special person or animal in your life comes to mind who ought to be a saint for some particular reason, submit an application and tell us about the candidate and the “miracles” worthy of sainthood. One of our arbiters will review your application to determine whether the person or pet you’ve nominated for sainthood is suitable for recognition from My Secular Saint. Once approved, you send in the fee and your selection ends up with an official certificate and a place in the Halls of Saints. The path to sainthood is just that easy.


    How Much Does it Cost?

    My Secular Saint offers one of the most unique gifts imaginable for a price that anyone can afford. Once your sainthood application is accepted, there is a $15 canonization fee to be paid online. That’s it. There are no additional charges or hidden fees, and no extra costs to maintain sainthood after the canonization is complete. For less than most of the “bargain gifts” in stores, you can give the unique gift of sainthood to a person or even to a pet you care deeply about.


    What Do I Get?

    A better question is, “What does my loved one get?” After paying the $15 canonization fee, the secular saint you’ve promoted will receive an Official Certificate of Sainthood as well as a listing in the Secular Sainthood Hall of Saints, not to mention the bragging rights and sense of pride that comes with the title of “Saint”.  As for you, you get the joy and satisfaction of making those closest to you feel appreciated for their good deeds, unique qualities, or impressive accomplishments.


    What Do You Need from Me?

    After our “umpires” have a chance to review and approve your sainthood application, we ask that you provide us a short description of the new saint as well as a photo to be displayed in the Hall of Saints. We also ask that you come up with a name for the saint. If you need help coming up with a unique and descriptive saint name, we’re happy to assist you.


    Which Hall is Right for My Saint?

    My Secular Saint offers nine different Halls to choose from. Because you know the saint better than we do, we ask that you designate which Hall you would like your loved one to be commemorated in. Here’s a brief description of the different homes in the Secular Sainthood Hall of Saints:


    • Hall of Woods – The Hall of Woods is reserved for those modern saints who appreciate the Great Outdoors and all the natural beauty and wonder of the earth. Avid hikers, birdwatchers, bug collectors, animal lovers, environmentalists, ecologists, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds will appreciate being recognized in the Hall of Woods.
    • Hall of Whiskers – The Hall of Whiskers is where our furry friends are remembered as saintly pets. You may also choose to give the unique gift of sainthood to the animal lover in your life.
    • Hall of Cities – Promoting a saint to the Hall of Cities is a unique and heartfelt gift for those among us who take great pride in the places they live, work, worship, or adorn. City pride gifts don’t get more unique or personal than sainthood in the Hall of Cities.
    • Hall of Music – Promoting a saint to the Hall of Music is a unique gift fit for music teachers, music therapists, musicians, audiophiles, and anyone else who is moved by music. Give the gift of sainthood to the music lover in your life and show how much their passion means to you.
    • Hall of Surf – You can commemorate any ocean lover in your life as a Saint of the Surf, including scuba divers, surfers, boat captains, marine biologists, and anyone else who feels a deep connection with the planet’s blue waters. If you’re looking for a great gift for the ocean lovers in your life, give the gift of sainthood and commemorate their name to the Hall of Surf.
    • Hall of Feathers – The Hall of Feathers is dedicated to our feathered friends who soar above all others. You can also promote the bird lover in your life for sainthood, who will no doubt be delighted to be celebrated as a modern saint among the feathered friends they hold so dear.
    • Hall of History – Here, those who have a passion for the great people, places, and moments in history are celebrated as modern saints. The unique gift of sainthood is the perfect gift for history buffs, no matter which era they are drawn to or which historical figures they celebrate.
    • Hall of Sport – Give the gift of sainthood in the Hall of Sport to anyone who has an athletic ability, physical skill, or competitive nature worthy of recognition. Sainthood in the Hall of Sport is also a unique gift for sports lovers, those die-hard fans who give as much to their teams as the players they cheer on.
    • Hall of the Quill – Those who toil over finding just the right word or phrase to express a thought are celebrated in the Hall of the Quill. The gift of sainthood is perfect for novelists, poets, playwrights, copy writers, journalists, editors, and anyone else in love with the written word, as well as book lovers and those involved in more technical aspects of bookmaking or printing.