Hall of Whiskers

The bond between people and pets is like no other relationship. For St. Francis of Assisi so loved all the creatures of the earth that he wrote a Canticle of the Creatures, an ode to God’s living things and a celebration of our spiritual connection with animals. The Hall of Whiskers is where our furry friends are remembered as saintly pets, and those animal lovers among us remembered as saintly companions to man and beast alike. The four-legged saints celebrated here have ample room to run, sniff, scratch, and play, while those saintly animal lovers among them, like St. Francis, are surrounded by the blessed creatures they love so dearly.

  • St. Keri of Cambridge

    "I'm a firm believer that a person doesn't choose a dog, a dog chooses his owner.”

    St Keri has made a huge impact on several pets and animals all around the world. She has rescued and saved over a dozen pets and animals. Her recent story not only shows her compassion but also has an overwhelming amount of cuteness. She recently came across a skinny scared mama dog who gave birth to 7 pups under the trailer at her work. The mama dog gave Keri a huge kiss and sat in her lap. She chose Keri to be her new mom and Keri will be taking her home and giving her the love she needs. Keri is also taking care of the puppies and waiting for them to be 10 weeks before she will start to find them new homes. This is just one of Keri’s many heartwarming stories of saving animals!

  • St. Bailey

    All dogs go to heaven, but only the most special pets like St. Bailey are worthy of pet sainthood. St. Bailey spent her short life making her humans’ life a joy in spite of having a painful and life-shortening immune disorder. St. Bailey’s pain and suffering is over, and now this sweet black lab has all the room to run, sniff, and scratch in the great and eternal Hall of Whiskers with other saintly pets like her who were loyal and loving until their last days on Earth.