Hall of the Quill

Writing is a labor of love for those who have committed themselves to the art and science of language. Those who toil over finding just the right word or phrase to express a thought are celebrated here in the Hall of the Quill. These saints are novelists, poets, playwrights, copy writers, journalists, editors, and all who love the written word or those refined instruments that bring books to life.

  • St. Bree of Bernal Heights

    St. Bree is a wonderful mom! She raised five independent daughters each with a unique personality. One of my best memories when I was around 10 years old watching her graduate from UC Riverside with her Bachelor's degree. Shortly after that momentous day, mom and dad divorced. Mom used her education and smarts to inspire her girls to work hard, be honest, have fun and move through the tough times in life. She took time out to make each of us feel special and important to be a part of her life. She is a saint for what she went through, and was fortunate enough to have a loving family and friends to support her in her goals. She currently lives in San Francisco with her loving husband (my step-dad) and still loves to pursue her education through writing.

  • St. Vladka of the Magical Word

    Vladka is the modern day patron saint of inquiring minds. Her mission is to weave stories that mesmerize, captivate, and inspire. Collaborating with Pro Audio Voices, St. Vladka adapts and brings original stories to life in a way that is uniquely her own and worthy of celebration here in the Hall of the Quill. St. Vladka helps families to enjoy the art of storytelling and reading, and her passion for the craft has brought the magic of the written and spoken word to countless people over the years.

  • George Bisimisa

    A Gay pioneer and ground-breaking author/playwright, the late George Birimisa will forever be remembered for the profound influence he had on the New York art scene and his larger-than-life personality that inspired countless others to find their voice and fearlessly pursue their craft. St. George Birimisa is among those great Bohemian artists, playwrights, directors, and actors who got their start at the legendary Café Chinno in New York.

    Over his remarkable career that spanned more than 50 years, St. George’s mantra—“conflict, conflict, conflict”—could be seen and felt in the excitement that lived on every page he wrote. St. George Birimisa added his own special dimension to the work and personal lives of countless playwrights, authors, and poets.

  • St. Elizabeth of Matera

    Anyone who needs proof that dreams do come true need only to remember St. Elizabeth of Matera, who at the age of 40 achieved her lifelong dream of becoming an author. After moving to Florence, Italy from a small provincial town in Central Oregon in her late teens, St. Elizabeth travelled the world interpreting and translating thousands of pages. She then married an Italian man and moved to the small town of Materia in Southern Italy, where some years later her career as a romantic suspense author blossomed.

    In addition to the wonderful stories she’s given to the world, St. Elizabeth of Matera also established one of the great international writers’ conferences and literary festivals in the world—the International Women’s Fiction Festival. Held each year in her home of Matera, Italy, this conference brings together writers, editors, agents, and readers who gorge on the finest food and wine in a magical place.