Hall of Sport

There are countless halls of fame in the world that celebrate the lives and achievements of the greatest figures in sports, but only those commemorated in the Hall of Sport are remembered as modern saints. These saints are celebrated for their superior athletic ability, physical skills, or competitive nature worthy of recognition. The Hall of Sport also recognizes those die-hard fans who give as much to their teams as the players they cheer on. Athletes and sports lovers alike are welcomed here.

  • St. Martin

    According to St. Martin, the key to living a longer, healthier, and happier life is to keep active and stay physically fit. St. Martin wants everyone to achieve this, and so he’s made it his personal mission to provide each person he helps with a personalized recipe for maintaining a nurturing life with realistic and achievable goals. Martin would be worthy of sainthood in the Hall of Sport for his healthy lifestyle and physical fitness alone, but his dedication and commitment to helping others become the best versions of themselves truly embodies the spirit of the modern day saint.