Hall of Music

There’s no denying the affect music has on our lives, or more importantly the affect music has on the depths of our soul. Music transcends language barriers, cultural differences, and even time itself to bring passion and joy to those among us who open their souls by opening their ears. That’s why musicians and music lovers alike will find great comfort and relaxation in the Hall of Music. These modern saints are audiophiles, musicians, music therapists, record collectors, audio engineers, producers, and anyone else who would describe themselves or be described by others as lovers of good music.

  • St. Bob of the Track Changes

    Aside from being a superlative French horn player—which is certainly befitting of modern sainthood these days—St. Bob knows computers inside and out and is selfless in sharing his expertise with others. St. Bob will always be remembered for single handedly extricating a “track change” worm that threatened a friend’s manuscript. St. Bob’s ingenuity and bravery above and beyond the call has granted him sainthood in the Hall of Music, which is now full of the sounds of the French horn thanks to Bob’s skilled fingers and musical sensibilities.