Hall of History

History has produced countless numbers of exemplary human beings and moments that have gone on to shape the world we live in today — but you don’t need to tell that to any of the modern saints who live in the Hall of History. Here, those who have a passion for the great people, places, and moments in history are celebrated as modern saints.

  • St. William the Bridge Conqueror

    St William plays bridge with humor and encouragement. He was elected treasurer of the Diablo Valley Bridge Club and has mastered over fifty bridge conventions.

  • St. Lou De Las Oranges Sabrosas

    St. Lou is an inveterate bird feeder and nature's nurturer. She takes wonderful care of all things green including the orange trees in her yard. They in turn produce mouth watering, delectably sweet oranges.

  • St. Jaime of the Inspired

    St. Jaime moved to San Francisco 26 years ago from Morelos, Mexico after listening to a radio announcer who encouraged him to make the trip and start a new home in a new country—and countless people are better for it, including his loving family and those lucky enough to call him their friend. St. Jaime is an inspiration to all, and he’s happy to share his positive attitude and wide skillset with those in need, even if it means installing a garbage disposal single-handedly. St. Jaime is a shining example of the modern saints who fill these halls.