Hall of Feathers

Like our four-legged friends, our feathered friends bring us countless pleasures. That’s why we’ve dedicated the Hall of Feathers to those birds who soar above all others and help us ascend to a higher plain alongside them. St. Francis of Assisi loved all animals, but there it was a special fondness he had for the birds. These saintly birds are worthy of being celebrated in the boundless aviary that is the Hall of Feathers.

  • The Parrot Saints of Post Street

    If you visit the 16th story dentist office of Dr. Parrett you may be able to catch sight of the colorful Parrot Saints of Post Street. These two darling parrots arrive almost every morning for their sunflower seed breakfast and stay for a short visit on the window ledge, bringing a fresh view of color and the sweet songs of the birds to what is otherwise a sterile dentist office. These two darling parrots have brought smiles to countless patients, and for that they will fly forever in the open air of the Hall of Feathers.