Hall of Cities

In the Hall of Cities you’ll find modern saints celebrated and remembered for their civic pride. Sainthood here also honors those remarkable souls who have left a lasting influence on a city, town, or community, and for whom any place would be just another spot on a map if not for their being there. These saints take great pride in the places they live, work, worship, or serve. And while they may travel far and wide, these men and women always know which direction home is.

  • Saint Sister Regina Marie Novacek

    Her miracle encompasses her life as an active Dominican nun. In her earliest years she encouraged her students to discover their own miracles. Later she guided her Sister nuns with her down-to-earth wisdom and seasoned spiritually. Into her eighties and nineties she cheerfully did more that her part, including the ongoing menial tasks assigned to her. She found time to spread good will bu diligently keeping in touch with former students, friends and family. She was a unique individual who managed to easily blend spirituality with humanity.

  • St. Mark of Leon

    The ability to bring happiness and merriment to all around him.

  • St Martha of Progressive Grounds

    St. Martha is a fixture where she works, and is as big and important a part of the community as any of the notable figures that call this city home. Each customer is greeted with a warm smile, and St. Martha is even know to give out hugs on occasion. St. Martha gets to know each and every guest she serves, asking them about their lives, their families, and their dreams. She knows repeat customers by name and has created a real sense of community among the regulars. English is not St. Martha’s first language, and she helps any guest interested in learning her language every time she helps them with their order.