• Interview with the Founder of My Secular Saint

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    Q. What gave you the idea for My Secular Saint?


    Ten years ago I was hearing of new start-ups. eBay and other business were getting started. I thought such a thing as offering everyone Sainthood might be a fun business. My brother Larry was a Jesuit and he would talk with me and plan how to canonize people. He said he’d help me to approve miracles and serve on the Board of Directors but unfortunately he died a couple years ago.


    We devised that anyone could be a saint, based on their miracle after they paid a small fee. We wanted to make it available to everyone.


    Q. How Is What You Have Different?


    Other Saints are tied to the Catholic Church and they have rigid criteria. First off, the person has to be deceased. I want to canonize people while they are still living. At first, I considered only people and then expanded it to include animals, pets, and other living things.


    The Catholic Church is very strict about having three miracles that evolve outside the realm of nature. Their miracles have to go beyond science and ordinary belief. I see miracles as happening every day such as a baby being born, that’s a miracle. It’s marvelous to look beyond the expected. I want to include the usual, such as an adopted person finding their biological mother. Let’s say years have gone by and think of the first time they see that mother. There’s something miraculous about that.


    Consider an Uncle that tells corny jokes all the time. That’s a singular trait to be recognized, a talent not easily duplicated. A miracle in its own way.

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